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Where Is The Line Drawn?

So I’m reading this article called “The World Is Watching Now: Online activists bring attention to a small-town controversy,” and this thing makes no sense. It starts talking about these cases such as a town bully getting gunned down in front of 30 people and none of them tell officials who did it, or a girl gets raped and all the people have to say is “boys will be boys.” Like really, how can people think this way? It is just insane to think that some people look at crimes and say “well you’re gonna have that.” Like c’mon, these people are criminals, and you are letting them avoid justice? That is just wrong.  If people get away with things like that then how can we justify any case taken to court? If small towns can just let people off the hook then there is really no justice done.

If you’re a parent or a sibling of someone who gets raped, you would want to tear the person responsible to shreds, right? So how can parents or relatives of these people take this? Maybe they don’t like them, I don’t really know. Or maybe they don’t have any family? Either way I do not think its the right thing.

The online group, Anonymous, starts to get more involved in these cases and brought them from just local stories to a nationwide story alerting people around the nation of what is going on in these towns. I think Anonymous is doing the right thing. these stories are blatantly ignored in the towns and just sort of pushed aside when they should not be overlooked.

All in all I think there is a lot of stuff going on “under the radar” that can be destroying peoples lives. It really is not a good thing for this to be happening and I hop e that anonymous can play a big part in bringing justice to these criminals.


2 responses to “Where Is The Line Drawn?

  1. I liked the opinions in this post. they are very eye opening and strongly worded. except for the mention of c’mon. I don’t much like that word; it brings me back to a time where things weren’t so simple. like the time when you bought your bread it wasn’t sliced. Or when you picked up a phone and had to talk to an operator to find the person you want to talk to, and then they cant distinguish your b’s from your d’s. So when you try and call up batman you get this dude named datman.

  2. the opinions in this blog are good. I can say I agree with most of them and yes it is not okay to say “boys will be boys”.

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