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Becomoming More Than Man

            Some call it an exoskeleton, some call it a bionic suit; to most paraplegics, its freedom. This invention makes it possible for anyone with a walking disability, to walk. It senses when the body shifts its balance point and corrects it back to normal, therefore making walking possible. It had a grand appearance on the hit TV show Glee, but has yet to be approved by the FDA in the U.S. This invention would soon, change the world entirely.

            Hogee Harp, the local mailman who has been in a wheelchair for the past seven years since his accident, always brightens up peoples days as he delivers the mail. He loved delivering mail because he got to see friends every day while at work. He had hoped one day that he would have his own vehicle that he could somehow drive. He imagined himself holding his hand out the window, feeling the warm summer breeze through his fingers; just the thought of traveling great distances by himself made him excited. But all those dreams started to shift, once two men came to his home around nine o’clock in the afternoon, wearing all black suits, and each fitted with their own briefcase.

            The men had a very confidential plan for Hogee: become  the Magnificent Mailman; MM for short. They told him they had been working on this bionic suit to help him walk for years. They had dedicated their whole lives to trying to gain more knowledge on how to improve their suit. With a couple papers signed, and just a suitcase of his own clothes and belongings, Hogee got in the car with the men, and dosed off, dreaming about the journey ahead.


2 responses to “Becomoming More Than Man

  1. When he awoke it was night and the men were helping him get out of the car. Once he was out of the car he realized what lay before him. Right in front of him stood a huge warehouse. Hogee was trying to brainstorm what could be in the warehouse but before he could think too long two giant doors slid open to reveal what was in the warehouse. Inside was a neighborhood not a real neighborhood but a simulated one to look like a real neighborhood.
    Then Hogee was brought into the warehouse and moved to a special room. They said this is the room where you will become the best mailman ever. After saying he was sure that he wanted the suit they began the operation. The last thing Hogee remembered was putting the gas mask on before he woke up. When he did wake up nothing was the same and would ever be the same.
    He realized that not only did he gain legs but new arms as well. He saw what he didn’t see before, he felt what he didn’t feel before, and he felt full of energy. The only thing he could think about when he woke up was delivering mail for the greater good. Then an older man with a rusty looking bionic suit walked in and said “your training starts now”.

  2. austin04

    The rustic man tells me his name is fitz, fitz tells me that he will be my best friend. I quickly learn that fitz was a liar! Fitz put me through complete crap to get myself ready for even just the pre training. He tells me that I need to do pull ups and run an above average amount. Now I realize that with having bionic arms and bionic legs should make it amazingly simply, but the way that bionic arms work are that they increase your strength by at least over 9000%!! But the catch is that if you have absolutely no strength to begin with, it only puts you behind the game.
    After weeks of training, enduring his horrible punishments of doing pull ups then push ups back to back all day, he finally tells me “your ready kid” I get to my actual training ground, I am really excited, but at the same time nervous. Thanks to fitz I am easily flying through everything. By the 3rd hour of the training they realize that I am well beyond the average so they skip my training. They directly deploy me into the field. They have me delivering mail in North Korea. This is possibly the most dangerous mission that I have ever accepted. But I gladly accept it, knowing that I might not ever get back. The first day on my job I see a hold up that is about to happen. The robber runs out of the store and is about to shoot a civilian. With my bionic powers I hurry up and jump in front of his bullet. The bullet punctures and major artery and I know that I am going to die, but I am ok with this because I know that I have saved someones life. The town wants to thank me but don’t know how. 2 months after my death they finally erect a statue in my honor. Saying Here Lies the Great Hogee, Giving his life for a stranger!

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