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Murder Me Always

So yesterday I got to watch the play “Murder Me Always.” My high school drama club had put on the play. Apparently this was the first time a high school had done the play so the original writer of the play came to visit the actors at my school. Even though they are just in high school I thouhht the acting was not that bad.

So to try and explain the set up of the stage, it was not very big. They had three large stand-up wooden slabs with what appeared to be windows on them. They had improvised and put paintings of outside scenery on them to make them look like see through windows. There was a rug about 10×15 on the stage right in the middle of the set. Also there were two old looking chairs on set, and two tables on both sides of the set. It seemed pretty basic.

So the play starts off basically in a funny way, where the director of the play is arguing with the actors, trying to get them to please the audience. The idea is a play inside of a play. Its set up so the audience are “guests” to a dinner party, and the dinner party is the play. While there is a ruckus going on on stage you hear some gunshots come from the background, and so the director gets shot. Then what was the play turns into a crime scene, and some of the actors are caught between being themselves and being in  character. In the original play one of the men, Fritz, was supposed to die, so some of the actors get confused.

As the crime scene unveils a detective comes in with an assistant and starts to begin to question the actors. The whole time all of them are acting odd and they all seem suspicious. While they keep a system of looking for the murderer, they involve a lot of comedy in it, keeping the audience laughing. As it goes on they give clues to try and get you guessing on who the murderer was. Then once it all comes down to it one of the actors asks the audience to clap for the person they thought was the killer. Then you find out who did it and then the play is pretty much over.

I liked the play for its humor and keeping me guessing. I thought it was a good idea to work in the comedy that way it was boring the whole time. Also the mystery made meople try and pay attention more that way they could try and solve it. I would recomend this play to someone who likes murder mysteries or even just likes having the occasional laugh.


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