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Lets Hope Grandma Doesn’t Get Ran Over by a Reindeer!

So Christmas time is rolling around and the “25 Days of Christmas” on ABC has officially started. I am pretty excited for Christmas, even though I will not be able to eat at all for wrestling. My first Christmas party is this weekend with my step-dads side of the family. I asked for only a few things this year. I asked for a keyboard from my dad. I used to have one from when I was a kid but it broke a couple years ago. I can play guitar too I just want to get better at keyboard. From my mom I asked for some sunglasses and an iPad. I think I would love to have one because I could do just about anything with it. I hope that I can get them if not I still think I will have a good Christmas. What are you getting?


One response to “Lets Hope Grandma Doesn’t Get Ran Over by a Reindeer!

  1. A keyboard is a great gift to ask for, and all of us here at LoopDoodle have been addicted to the “25 days of Christmas”! If you want to play some music before you get your keyboard, you should try, it is a free music mixing website. Try it out and tell us what you think, we would really appreciate it, we are trying to get some feedback from users who know their music!

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