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Prom 2k14

Most people dream about going to Prom when they get to their Junior and Senior year. They always dream of getting all dressed up and looking good for a night of their life. However I do not really like the idea of Prom. I think that it is blown way out of proportion of how good it is. I am not a very big fan of going out to dance. I do like to dress up and look nice, however I do not enjoy dancing very much. I have been to two dances in all of high school and neither of them were very fun.

I think that most people like it because it helps build self confidence when they get all prettied up and get to dance with people. For those who do not get very much attention they could be out on the dance floor and getting crazy without a care in the world. I think they like it because it is almost like an escape for them. Another big reason I believe that people enjoy it is because they can feel like they are important. With all of the big decorations and even sometimes a red carpet type deal going on they feel almost like a movie star when they get to the dance. I think also some people do it just because their friends are doing it and they do not want to feel left out.


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