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Graduation 2k14

It’s May, the happy month. Most people are looking forward to the end of the school year. But little Traxtonion Bambadore, a senior at Marthron Chin High School. He had been a 4.0 student all year until he switched at the semester to Dr. Mr. Branchry Klomtron Jr. and his freshman math class. It was the hardest math that Traxtonion had taken ever, and probably the hardest class he’s ever taken in general. He had been struggling but there was only one reason: Slarvathrone Mulishtry, Traxtonions girlfriend. She had given him one rule:


One response to “Graduation 2k14

  1. do not fail this class or else. So, the young genius did everything he could to pass. But unfortunately he did not. So his girlfriend shipped him to Cuba. Traxtonion did not know what to do. Once he landed there was a note left in the box with him. saying” You really did pass the math class. I hacked the system to make you fail so that I could be the valedictorian and not you. HA HA HA.” Now poor Traxtonion is stuck in Cuba forever.

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