Graduation 2k14

It’s May, the happy month. Most people are looking forward to the end of the school year. But little Traxtonion Bambadore, a senior at Marthron Chin High School. He had been a 4.0 student all year until he switched at the semester to Dr. Mr. Branchry Klomtron Jr. and his freshman math class. It was the hardest math that Traxtonion had taken ever, and probably the hardest class he’s ever taken in general. He had been struggling but there was only one reason: Slarvathrone Mulishtry, Traxtonions girlfriend. She had given him one rule:


Prom 2k14

Most people dream about going to Prom when they get to their Junior and Senior year. They always dream of getting all dressed up and looking good for a night of their life. However I do not really like the idea of Prom. I think that it is blown way out of proportion of how good it is. I am not a very big fan of going out to dance. I do like to dress up and look nice, however I do not enjoy dancing very much. I have been to two dances in all of high school and neither of them were very fun.

I think that most people like it because it helps build self confidence when they get all prettied up and get to dance with people. For those who do not get very much attention they could be out on the dance floor and getting crazy without a care in the world. I think they like it because it is almost like an escape for them. Another big reason I believe that people enjoy it is because they can feel like they are important. With all of the big decorations and even sometimes a red carpet type deal going on they feel almost like a movie star when they get to the dance. I think also some people do it just because their friends are doing it and they do not want to feel left out.

Happy Valentines Day!

As the flowers come and go and loves notes are passed, no one could forget the holiday Valentines Day! What a great way to help you show the loved ones in your life or the secret crush you’ve had for a year how much you care! From back in the day when we would give out Valentines cards to now when we can actually drive our crush out on dates, the times have changed! Now we can just send a text message to our crush or even just tweet at them! I think now we have to take a look at why I think the holiday was created and just let someone know you are there for them!


Finally put our Christmas tree up! Unfortunately we don’t use a real tree anymore, but with everyone having such a busy schedule we can never find time to go hunting for the tree and all the other stuff you have to do with them. Also dad doesn’t want to have to tend to it all Christmas long. Either tree I still love putting up the tree it gets me excited for the 25th day of December!

With Christmas rolling around you can’t help but think of Christmas songs, movies, and shows. Everyone somewhere deep down has a secret love for Christmas, whether they like it or not. Even though I wish that people would wait till farther in December to start with the Christmas festivities, I still do have some favorite songs and movies.
Ever since I was a little kid I loved the movie The Polar Express. I was always big into the whole “Santa Claus” type deal. I still just like the idea of him and the feeling that you get on Christmas day when you wake up and see the tree with all of the presents below it. The Polar Express really gets me in the mood for Christmas. Just the way they take a kid that doesn’t believe in Santa and they take him to the North Pole and show him around. It instills the fact that you don’t have to just be young to have Christmas spirit. Yeah I know Santa isn’t real but it’s still great to convince the kids that he is and their reaction to presents from Santa. I think it shows there is still hope for the ever-fading idea of Santa.
I think with the way that times are changing, a lot of parents are losing the will to try and get their kids to believe in Santa. To me I think that it is a great way to keep your kid active in the Christmas spirit and get them to think outside of the box on things. It helps them be more open-minded toward things. It almost helps them accept things that they don’t see, and learn that you don’t have to see something to believe in it. Christmas time is to me the best time with the food, the family aspect, and the gift giving. Everyone should see how much of an impact Christmas can have on everyone, and just put everyone in a better mood.

Turkey Day Break!

So I had a pretty good Thanksgiving break. My first day I spent wrestling and that sucked. I had to weigh in and take a hydration test. Then after that we had practice and that sucked also. Once done with practice I went to Granite City with my mom and step-dad. After I went home and cleaned my room.

On Thanksgiving Day my moms side of the family came over and we had dinner. I was not able to eat very much at all but that was okay. Once they left I had Gavin, Connor, and Trey come over. We went to Wal-Mart and I had forgotten that it was Black Friday time and the place was packed. However I did get a good deal on a new razor. I had to spot Gavin so he could buy a lava lamp. In the morning I had practice again and that sucked. But after that I was able to pick up a friend and they came over for the day and it was fun. We were able to watch some movies and play games. Then I had to take them home.

The next day I had practice in the morning I had practice and it sucked. But afterwards I went over to my friend Kody’s house and helped cut up some trees. From there I went to Alexa’s house for the Ohio State game and that was fun. There was some good food there and we had a good time.

On Sunday I woke up early and ran at about seven in the morning, then I headed over to my dads house so we could go to my grandma and grandpa’s house for my Elling family Thanksgiving. I went there and fell asleep because I was not able to eat for wrestling. Then I was able to look at my senior pictures that my aunt took. Overall I had a pretty good weekend!

Murder Me Always

So yesterday I got to watch the play “Murder Me Always.” My high school drama club had put on the play. Apparently this was the first time a high school had done the play so the original writer of the play came to visit the actors at my school. Even though they are just in high school I thouhht the acting was not that bad.

So to try and explain the set up of the stage, it was not very big. They had three large stand-up wooden slabs with what appeared to be windows on them. They had improvised and put paintings of outside scenery on them to make them look like see through windows. There was a rug about 10×15 on the stage right in the middle of the set. Also there were two old looking chairs on set, and two tables on both sides of the set. It seemed pretty basic.

So the play starts off basically in a funny way, where the director of the play is arguing with the actors, trying to get them to please the audience. The idea is a play inside of a play. Its set up so the audience are “guests” to a dinner party, and the dinner party is the play. While there is a ruckus going on on stage you hear some gunshots come from the background, and so the director gets shot. Then what was the play turns into a crime scene, and some of the actors are caught between being themselves and being in  character. In the original play one of the men, Fritz, was supposed to die, so some of the actors get confused.

As the crime scene unveils a detective comes in with an assistant and starts to begin to question the actors. The whole time all of them are acting odd and they all seem suspicious. While they keep a system of looking for the murderer, they involve a lot of comedy in it, keeping the audience laughing. As it goes on they give clues to try and get you guessing on who the murderer was. Then once it all comes down to it one of the actors asks the audience to clap for the person they thought was the killer. Then you find out who did it and then the play is pretty much over.

I liked the play for its humor and keeping me guessing. I thought it was a good idea to work in the comedy that way it was boring the whole time. Also the mystery made meople try and pay attention more that way they could try and solve it. I would recomend this play to someone who likes murder mysteries or even just likes having the occasional laugh.

Becomoming More Than Man

            Some call it an exoskeleton, some call it a bionic suit; to most paraplegics, its freedom. This invention makes it possible for anyone with a walking disability, to walk. It senses when the body shifts its balance point and corrects it back to normal, therefore making walking possible. It had a grand appearance on the hit TV show Glee, but has yet to be approved by the FDA in the U.S. This invention would soon, change the world entirely.

            Hogee Harp, the local mailman who has been in a wheelchair for the past seven years since his accident, always brightens up peoples days as he delivers the mail. He loved delivering mail because he got to see friends every day while at work. He had hoped one day that he would have his own vehicle that he could somehow drive. He imagined himself holding his hand out the window, feeling the warm summer breeze through his fingers; just the thought of traveling great distances by himself made him excited. But all those dreams started to shift, once two men came to his home around nine o’clock in the afternoon, wearing all black suits, and each fitted with their own briefcase.

            The men had a very confidential plan for Hogee: become  the Magnificent Mailman; MM for short. They told him they had been working on this bionic suit to help him walk for years. They had dedicated their whole lives to trying to gain more knowledge on how to improve their suit. With a couple papers signed, and just a suitcase of his own clothes and belongings, Hogee got in the car with the men, and dosed off, dreaming about the journey ahead.

Where Is The Line Drawn?

So I’m reading this article called “The World Is Watching Now: Online activists bring attention to a small-town controversy,” and this thing makes no sense. It starts talking about these cases such as a town bully getting gunned down in front of 30 people and none of them tell officials who did it, or a girl gets raped and all the people have to say is “boys will be boys.” Like really, how can people think this way? It is just insane to think that some people look at crimes and say “well you’re gonna have that.” Like c’mon, these people are criminals, and you are letting them avoid justice? That is just wrong.  If people get away with things like that then how can we justify any case taken to court? If small towns can just let people off the hook then there is really no justice done.

If you’re a parent or a sibling of someone who gets raped, you would want to tear the person responsible to shreds, right? So how can parents or relatives of these people take this? Maybe they don’t like them, I don’t really know. Or maybe they don’t have any family? Either way I do not think its the right thing.

The online group, Anonymous, starts to get more involved in these cases and brought them from just local stories to a nationwide story alerting people around the nation of what is going on in these towns. I think Anonymous is doing the right thing. these stories are blatantly ignored in the towns and just sort of pushed aside when they should not be overlooked.

All in all I think there is a lot of stuff going on “under the radar” that can be destroying peoples lives. It really is not a good thing for this to be happening and I hop e that anonymous can play a big part in bringing justice to these criminals.

Hallows Eve

Werewolf_costumeThis is a picture of what my Halloween costume was! I really took my time when I was looking online for a costume. My girlfriend had invited me to her family Halloween party and we wanted to come up with a cool looking costume that matched each other. While I was browsing I found this awesome costume (even though I had it narrowed down to some others ). I decided on this one and it came in the mail a couple days later.

Once it had arrived I was very anxious to see it. I had been at school all day and my mother had told me that she would leave it packaged till I had gotten home. I was so excited. I finally got home and the time for waiting was over.  The package had seemed a little small but I didn’t think anything of it. Once I put it on I realized that it shed quite a bit of hair. It was almost like a really shaggy dog gave me a hug. I looked sweet in it, however I got very hairy. My girlfriend decided to go as Little Red Riding Hood and we looked like an awesome couple. Needless to say this would be a great costume for scaring or just looking like a werewolf!