Lets Hope Grandma Doesn’t Get Ran Over by a Reindeer!

So Christmas time is rolling around and the “25 Days of Christmas” on ABC has officially started. I am pretty excited for Christmas, even though I will not be able to eat at all for wrestling. My first Christmas party is this weekend with my step-dads side of the family. I asked for only a few things this year. I asked for a keyboard from my dad. I used to have one from when I was a kid but it broke a couple years ago. I can play guitar too I just want to get better at keyboard. From my mom I asked for some sunglasses and an iPad. I think I would love to have one because I could do just about anything with it. I hope that I can get them if not I still think I will have a good Christmas. What are you getting?


Turkey Day Break!

So I had a pretty good Thanksgiving break. My first day I spent wrestling and that sucked. I had to weigh in and take a hydration test. Then after that we had practice and that sucked also. Once done with practice I went to Granite City with my mom and step-dad. After I went home and cleaned my room.

On Thanksgiving Day my moms side of the family came over and we had dinner. I was not able to eat very much at all but that was okay. Once they left I had Gavin, Connor, and Trey come over. We went to Wal-Mart and I had forgotten that it was Black Friday time and the place was packed. However I did get a good deal on a new razor. I had to spot Gavin so he could buy a lava lamp. In the morning I had practice again and that sucked. But after that I was able to pick up a friend and they came over for the day and it was fun. We were able to watch some movies and play games. Then I had to take them home.

The next day I had practice in the morning I had practice and it sucked. But afterwards I went over to my friend Kody’s house and helped cut up some trees. From there I went to Alexa’s house for the Ohio State game and that was fun. There was some good food there and we had a good time.

On Sunday I woke up early and ran at about seven in the morning, then I headed over to my dads house so we could go to my grandma and grandpa’s house for my Elling family Thanksgiving. I went there and fell asleep because I was not able to eat for wrestling. Then I was able to look at my senior pictures that my aunt took. Overall I had a pretty good weekend!