Becomoming More Than Man

            Some call it an exoskeleton, some call it a bionic suit; to most paraplegics, its freedom. This invention makes it possible for anyone with a walking disability, to walk. It senses when the body shifts its balance point and corrects it back to normal, therefore making walking possible. It had a grand appearance on the hit TV show Glee, but has yet to be approved by the FDA in the U.S. This invention would soon, change the world entirely.

            Hogee Harp, the local mailman who has been in a wheelchair for the past seven years since his accident, always brightens up peoples days as he delivers the mail. He loved delivering mail because he got to see friends every day while at work. He had hoped one day that he would have his own vehicle that he could somehow drive. He imagined himself holding his hand out the window, feeling the warm summer breeze through his fingers; just the thought of traveling great distances by himself made him excited. But all those dreams started to shift, once two men came to his home around nine o’clock in the afternoon, wearing all black suits, and each fitted with their own briefcase.

            The men had a very confidential plan for Hogee: become  the Magnificent Mailman; MM for short. They told him they had been working on this bionic suit to help him walk for years. They had dedicated their whole lives to trying to gain more knowledge on how to improve their suit. With a couple papers signed, and just a suitcase of his own clothes and belongings, Hogee got in the car with the men, and dosed off, dreaming about the journey ahead.